Thursday, December 24, 2015

2015 NFL Picks Week 16

Welcome to the "Holiday Edition" of this year's NFL Picks, aka Week 16's picks. I broke by 10-6 streak by going 11-5 last week, improving my overall percentage slightly to 63.8%. My Pick of the Week, Seattle, came out on top to improve my record to 11-4 on the year. Again I was only 1 for 3 in upset picks, but remain on the positive side at 17-15.

I lost the Thu9atrsday Night game, as Tampa Bay was unable to pull off the upset at St. Louis. Jacksonville (at home) could not beat Atlanta, Buffalo could not beat Washington on the road (wishful thinking), Miami was denied a road upset at San Diego, and New Orleans could not come back at home against Detroit on Monday Night. On to Week 16!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

2015 NFL Picks Week 15

What do you know? 10-6 again! Which means I stayed virtually the same % overall, around 63.5% for the year. My PotW was correct (Kansas City over San Diego) to improve to 10-4. I was only 1 for 3 in upset picks (good on Pittsburgh, bad on San Francisco and Miami), which has me at 16-13 this season.

As I mentioned above, I lost in upset picks as San Francisco could not beat Cleveland, and the Monday Night game as home underdog Miami couldn't overcome the New York Giants. Other losses included Chicago losing at home to Washington, Detroit losing on the road at St. Louis, Tampa Bay dropping a home game to New Orleans, and Denver giving up an upset win to Oakland. Hopefully I can snap my 10-6 streak this week:

Thursday, December 10, 2015

2015 NFL Picks Week 14

Finished 10-6 for the second week in a row and although I'm not improving, at least I'm consistent. Overall percentage dipped every so slightly by 0.1% to 63.5% on the year. I barely lost both my upset picks, but I'm still doing well at 15-11. And I can't be too upset about losing my PotW, as Philadelphia actually pulled it out on the road against New England. Now 9-4 for my Pick of the Week.

As for my losses, Chicago was unable to beat San Francisco at home, Seattle destroyed Minnesota on the road (no favorite), Atlanta blew an upset at Tampa Bay, the New York Giants let the New York Jets comeback on their home turf (though not really), Philadelphia pulled a huge upset at New England, and Dallas went into Washington and came out with a win. Lots of home losses, let's hope Week 14 proves better:

Thursday, December 3, 2015

2015 NFL Picks Week 13

I didn't really benefit from a full week of 16 games, but I didn't get hurt either. I finished 10-6, which maintained my overall percentage around 63%. I did continue my recent string of correct upset picks, with another 2 wins to 1 loss. That's good for 15-9 on the year, which is probably the best I've done over the last few seasons (with 5 weeks left to go!). My PotW was right as well, and I improve to 9-3 on the season.

I incorrectly picked Green Bay to beat Chicago at home, Tampa Bay upsetting Indianapolis on the road, the New York Giants to beat Washington, Jacksonville to win at home against San Diego, New England to remain unbeaten at Denver, and Cleveland to beat Baltimore on Monday night. On to week 14!