Friday, November 30, 2012

Don Cheadle as Captain Planet, parts 3 and 4

View part 3 below, and part 4 after the jump! Click the tag for the other parts!

The Periodic Calendar

I can't tell if this is cool or overly complicated, so let me just say it's "neatly confusing." I'll let the guy who made it, Joey Sellers, try to explain it in a video below. As for trying to understand it for yourself, there's a huge version to look at available here. Basically, it's a wall calendar with EVERY possible year on it, due to what day each year starts on. It's huge and ridiculous. (via)

The Periodic Calendar by Joey Sellers

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The History of The Beatles in 5 Seconds

It's from an ad campaign for a new book called "Life in 5 Seconds" by Gianmarco Milesi and Matteo Civaschi. Check it out below, and see a couple more examples after the jump. They're short, but they really do get the point across. More info at Buzzfeed.

Henry's Kitchen: Holiday Potatoes

Henry's Kitchen is back! In this third "lost" episode since the final Henry's Kitchen, Henry tries to show us a "jiffy tip" on how to make grilled herb potatoes for the holidays. Get your take out menus ready if you're planning on attempting this recipe, and don't forget to watch all the previous installments if you haven't already (click the tag below):

The final Django Unchained trailer

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The "best" of Tom Hanks, illustrated

I put "best" in quotes because I can't exactly call Turner and Hooch and The Da Vinci Code some of Tom Hanks best films, even though he himself was great as always. Would have liked to see A League of Their Own represented, at least. From Buzzfeed

All the smudges from Angry Birds

Someone decided to spend way too much time on an art project and record every finger swipe and touch needed to complete all 300 levels of the original Angry Birds. Designer/artist Evan Roth (who I featured a little over a week ago) used ink on tracing paper sheets to avoid ruining an iPhone, so without context these just look like a bunch of smudges. With context they still look like smudges, but it's kinda neat. See some examples below, and after the jump watch a video and check out some more pictures:

Angry Birds All Levels by Evan Roth

Angry Birds All Levels by Evan Roth

Angry Birds All Levels by Evan Roth

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Don Cheadle returns as Captain Planet

NFL Picks for Week 13

So I didn't fare too well in my first full 16 game week. Went 8-8, with a few surprises and a few toss-ups. I was surprised by Miami's win over Seattle, and obviously Cleveland over Pittsburgh (though Charlie Batch sucks, I should have seen that coming). I wasn't surprised that Arizona lost to St. Louis, but I was surprised at the score; same goes for Green Bay losing to the New York Giants. The other 4 games were basically toss-ups, and I really have to stop picking the Eagles. Week 13's picks:

Thursday, 8:20pm
New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons - 2
Sunday, 1pm
Arizona Cardinals at New York Jets - 1
New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins - 5
San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams - 4
Carolina Panthers at Kansas City Chiefs - 3
Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans - 5
Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers - 4
Indianapolis Colts at Detroit Lions - 3
Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears - 4
Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills - 2
Sunday, 4pm
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Denver Broncos - 3
Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens - 4
Cincinnati Bengals at San Diego Chargers - 1
Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders - 1
Sunday, 8:20pm
Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys - 2
Monday, 8:30pm
New York Giants at Washington Redskins - 2

Previous Results
Week 4: 12-3
Week 5: 10-4
Week 6: 5-9
Week 7: 12-1
Week 8: 6-8
Week 9: 11-3
Week 10: 10-3-1
Week 11: 12-2
Weeek 12: 8-8
Total: 86-41-1 (67%)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wow, when it is an obsession?

I was just updating my DVD collection online (red flag #1) and added my 500th title (red flag #2). Now each individual title of that 500 could be a season of a TV show, a single DVD or Blu-Ray, or a multipack containing more than one movie. I'd say its probably around 750 individual films/TV seasons (red flag #3). Just thought I'd share my "obsession" with everyone else, so you can view it at DVD Aficionado!

Batman is real, and he's a double parking asshole


Friday, November 23, 2012

Being drunk might actually help you survive an accident

I wish I had a Demetri Martin graph to demonstrate the relationship between BAC and survival, but a study by Lee Friedman shows that the higher the BAC from trauma center patients, the higher the survival rate when compared to sober patients with the same injuries. He analyzed nearly 200,000 cases from various Illinois trauma centers from 1995-2009, with BACs ranging from 0-0.5 %. Aside from burn injuries, Friedman found that all other injuries' mortality rates dropped as intoxication rose; some injuries saw a greater effect than others. There is indeed a correlation present, but is it causation? More here, from Neatorama.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving/National Eat Too Much Day

I don't think that second part is real, but it certainly could be. Hopefully everyone is concerned more about the day with family than they are about Black Friday shopping; apparently it has stretched into Thursday. (Grey Thursday?) Don't overcook that turkey, though. From all of us here at the B Long Blog (me), have a fun, great, and safe Thanksgiving! Enjoy the food, football, and booze!

To make the day more interesting, here's some printable BINGO cards you can play during the events today. View the rest after the jump, from Flavorwire:

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Eagles vs. Redskins: Behind the Numbers

Start the season 3-1, then lose 6 games in a row. Now you're at 3-7, with virtually no shot of the playoffs unless you win out and get help. That's the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles, folks! Let's see what the numbers from this loss say:

Unlike last week, not too many positives for the Eagles here. Despite running 20 more offensive plays, they were outscored by 25, outgained by 100+ net yards overall (89 on the ground), and perhaps most alarmingly, the Redskins nearly doubled the Birds in average gain per play. The 'Skins gained an amazing 7.1 yards per play, helped tremendously by 2 TD bombs completed by RG3. Those 2 plays alone counted for 110 yards, and certainly inflated the total. The Eagles once again put up a terrible 37% 3rd down conversion rate, and amassed another 9 penalties for 70 yards. Washington fared even worse in the penalty department with 13 for 80, but none were game changers for the Eagles. And once again, 3 Eagles turnovers led to 10 Washington points; no takeaways yet again. At least first downs were even, right?

Turducken infographic

If you had any plans to make a Turducken (chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey aka delicious) for Thanksgiving tomorrow, you might want to get started soon! Find out how from the infographic below, but ignore the typo about Gooducken (if you can find it). From Flavorwire:

Breaking Bread

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NFL Picks for Week 12

I fared quite well last week, going 12-2 overall. Despite several more OT games, all were decided before ending in a tie. Once again I hang my head in shame for picking the Eagles. Maybe I'll learn? My only other loss was the St. Louis vs. NYJ game, which was basically a toss-up but I went with the hotter team. Oops! Now for Week 12, with lots of games due to the end of bye weeks:

Thursday 12:30pm/4:15pm/8:20pm
Houston Texans at Detroit Lions - 5
Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys -2
New England Patriots at New York Jets - 4
Sunday, 1pm
Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars - 3
Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 4
Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins - 4
Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs - 5
Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts - 3
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns - 4
Oakland Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals - 3
Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears - 2
Sunday, 4pm
Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers - 3
San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints - 1
St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals - 2
Sunday, 8:20pm
Green Bay Packers at New York Giants - 2
Monday, 8:30p
Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles - 1

Previous Results
Week 4: 12-3
Week 5: 10-4
Week 6: 5-9
Week 7: 12-1
Week 8: 6-8
Week 9: 11-3
Week 10: 10-3-1
Week 11: 12-2
Total: 78-33-1 (70%)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bobby Moynihan does Guy Fieri again

This time in an unaired SNL sketch from this week's meh show. Moynihan does Fieri in response to bad reviews of his restaurant in Times Square:

Windows 98 Solitaire Cards

Wow! These bring back some memories! I'm sure anybody at least my age recognizes these cards, as long as they had a computer with Windows 98:

Solitaire.exe by Evan Roth

Ah, pixels! The cards are limited edition, with only 500 packs manufactured by Bicycle. They were designed by Evan Roth for Cooper-Hewitt, and are available here. More pictures after the jump, via Laughing Squid.

Ever wonder if you can cook a lasagna in a dishwasher?

Whether you thought about that question before or not, I guarantee all of you are now wondering if you actually can cook a lasagna in a dishwasher. So, can you? The Mythbusters (Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage) and Alton Brown find out in this unaired experiment from Mythbusters:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Irish Car Bomb cupcakes? Yes please!

Well, these look delicious! The addition of Guiness, Jameson, and Bailey's notwithstanding. Check out a few pics of these appetizing treats below, and follow the links for how to make them.

Via COED, with full recipe here!
chocolate whiskey and beer cupcakes

chocolate whiskey and beer cupcakes

ganache-filled guinness cupcakes

Friday, November 16, 2012

Google Maps close to returning to iOS!

Google is in the final stages of submitting their "Maps" app to Apple! Which means we iPhone users are hopefully pretty close to being able to know where we're going again. Of course, Apple must approve the final version of Google Maps, so let's hope they are OK with a superior map app.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rated G art

The tagline for Justin White's gallery, Rated G, is "original cels...for terrible cartoons that shouldn't happen" and it pretty much explains what you're about to see:

Breaking Bad by Justin White
Kindergarten Cop by Justin White 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nick Offerman offers some encouragment on growing a mustache


New Blink 182 EP to drop December 18th

Just in time for Christmas! In case you hadn't heard, Blink 182 is now an independent band after recently dropping their record label Interscope Records. They've wasted no time hitting the studio, recording 5 brand new songs for an EP set to release on December 5th. Says Mark Hoppus:
"We're very excited about getting these songs out before Christmas. As it stands today, the EP is set to release on December 18. We're not sure how many songs will make the final EP ... hopefully all five, but we'll make the final determination when the mixes are complete."

Hoppus also said the EP will be released on iTunes and, with pre-orders beginning soon. Of course they'll have more than just the EP available, with "a special screened, museum-quality poster, limited-edition T-shirts and sweatshirts, wrapping paper, holiday cards and whatnot" also up for purchase.

From MTV

A simple question

But is there a simple answer?

Why is "Last Call with Carson Daly" still on the air? I accidentally watched one second of it and shut it off immediately. What a tool.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So that Lego movie sounds pretty crazy

Remember when I posted about the upcoming 3D LEGO movie a little while ago? Your answer is irrelevant, as I'm going to post about it anyway.

Like the title says, this movie (Lego: The Piece of Resistance) seems pretty ridiculous, and the cast keeps getting crazier. Will Arnett, Chris Pratt, Channing Tatum, Morgan Freeman, Anna Farris, and Elizabeth Banks were already announced; that would be a great ensemble as is. But now Will Ferrell, Nick Offerman, Alison Brie, and Liam Neeson are involved, which actually makes this movie exciting and anticipated.

More at UPROXX.

NFL Picks for Week 11

Well I wish I were wrong in picking the Cowboys over the Eagles, but I made the right pick despite not liking the outcome. Interesting game between San Francisco and St. Louis; it ended in a 24-24 tie, and since I'm picking straight up I technically didn't win or lose. I'll count it as a tie so it doesn't hurt or help my percentage (though technically I could count it as a loss). Not too surprised that New Orleans beat Atlanta, nor that Tennessee beat Miami; the latter game was basically a coin toss anyway. The only game that surpised me -aside from the tie- was the New York Giants/Cincinnati Bengals game. What the hell is up with the Giants, and the rest of the NFC East for that matter? Nobody is playing well right now. On to this week's picks:

Thursday, 8:20pm
Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills - 1
Sunday, 1pm
Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans - 5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers - 2
Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins - 1
Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots - 4
New York Jets at St. Louis Rams - 1
Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs - 3
Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions - 3
Cleveland Browns at Dallas Cowboys - 4
Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons - 5
Sunday, 4pm
New Orleans Saints at Oakland Raiders - 4
San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos - 3
Sunday, 8:20pm
Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers - 2
Monday, 8:30pm
Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers - 2

Previous Results
Week 4: 12-3
Week 5: 10-4
Week 6: 5-9
Week 7: 12-1
Week 8: 6-8
Week 9: 11-3
Week 10: 10-3-1
Total: 66-31-1 (68%)

Some details on Anchorman 2

It's already been revealed that there will be another big anchorman fight in the sequel, but now it's been revealed by Adam McKay that there will be at least one musical number. In the early stages, Anchorman 2 was going to be a Broadway musical, so this news should come as no surprise. McKay also says he'd like to include a "murderer's row" cast for all the small one-line roles. More at Vulture.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Eagles vs. Cowboys: Behind the Numbers

Game 1 with the Dallas Cowboys this season, loss number 6 (5th in a row) for the Philadelphia Eagles. Let's get this over with, ok?

Right off the bat, let me say that the score is NOT a good indication of how this game went, other than the fact that the Cowboys deserved to win the game. That being said, the numbers don't exactly agree with the score. Once again the Eagles offense played better than their opposition, but had little to show for it. They ran more plays, and had a better average gain; obviously they ended up with more total yards of offense. The Eagles were able to move the ball decently, as they had 23 first downs to only 14 for Dallas. However, a lot of drives ended prematurely due to an abysmal 10% conversion rate (1 for 10) on third downs. Ouch. They threw for more yards, and weren't far off from Dallas in the rushing game (they basically abandoned the run late in the game, as they had to play catch up). Dallas seemed to be called for a penalty nearly every other play, but only had 75 penalty yards from 13 penalties. The Eagles fared better in both regards, but had some costly ones as usual. The most telling stat (again)? The Eagles had 2 turnovers, while Dallas had none.


I forgot to make a post yesterday! First time ever (technically)! Let's just forget that ever happened, shall we?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Star Wars Episode VII may already have a writer UPDATED

Damn, that was fast! Apparently there's already a 50 page treatment for Star Wars: Episode VII, written by Toy Story 3 screenwriter Michael Arndt according to Vulture. The draft apparently includes Luke, Leia, and Han Solo, as it should. Should be interesting; stay tuned for more details in the NEXT 3 YEARS.

From ComingSoon

UPDATE!  The speculation is true, and Arndt will provide the screenplay for Star Wars: Episode VII. Not much else known at this point...

Eagles vs. Saints: Behind the Numbers

This team SUCKS. The offensive line is trash, and they can't score in the red zone. The defense can't come up with a big play, ever. I'm throwing in the towel. If they make the playoffs, then I'll be watching, but I'm done caring until then. On to the numbers (late due to the election and laziness):

Let's see here, what do you get when you run more plays, gain more yards (passing and rushing), achieve more first downs, and have 2 takeaways? The answer is a 15 point loss! On a deeper look it's not that surprising, when you consider that the Eagles were awful on third down, and scored a mere 6 points on 5 red zone possessions. And despite having 2 takeaways in which the Birds scored 10 points, they also turned the ball over twice in the red zone. Basically, the Eagles were able to move the ball almost at will against an awful Saints defense, but were unable to finsish drives and capitlalize on their chances. Oh, and that defense barely put pressure on Drew Brees, only sacking him twice for -8 yards. He was able to keep drives sustained long enough (56% third down conversions) and the Saints were able to score 4 touchdowns. Much different game if the Eagles scored a touchdown on even one more drive, and the Saints were stopped on one.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


NFL picks for Week 10

This week's picks are a day late due to the election, but first let's recap last week's picks:

I ended up making some great picks last week, and finished with a 11-3 record (79%). As for my losses? Washington, New York Giants, and Philly. Washington is becoming a tough team to pick, as they play well one week and awful the next; I figured they would take care of Carolina at home but I was mistaken! The Giants blew a lead in their game, but I was ok with taking that loss since I love watching them lose. And now for the frustrating Eagles... I actually have little to say. They suck; I probably won't be picking them again. Definitely not this week, now on to the picks for Week 10:

Thursday 8:20pm
Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars - 5
Sunday 1pm
Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens - 5
Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers - 3
San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 1
Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints - 3
Buffalo Bills at New England Patrios - 5
Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings - 2
Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins - 1
New York Giants at Cincinnati Bengals - 4
Sunday 4pm
New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks - 2
Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles - 1
St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers - 5
Sunday 8:20pm
Houston Texans at Chicago Bears - 2
Monday 8:30pm
Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers - 5

Previous Results
Week 4: 12-3
Week 5: 10-4
Week 6: 5-9
Week 7: 12-1
Week 8: 6-8
Week 9: 11-3
Total: 56-28 (67%)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The world's thinnest house is a reality

If you don't remember from a while back, I posted about architect Jakub Szczęsny's concept for the world's thinnest house -5 feet at its widest point- and it is now a reality. Check out video of the "house" below, which is located in Warsaw, Poland. I know I certainly wouldn't want to live there, and I'm not even claustrophobic!

And I definitely would not want to take a shit there!!!


I don't care who you vote for (that's a lie) but get out there and vote, this election is pretty important no matter who wins. The next 4 years are going to be tough regardless of our President... Ah screw it just vote for Obama!

Monday, November 5, 2012

James Bond: The Nymphographic

Time for another absurdly huge infographic! This one has a twist though, as it's actually a "nymphographic" detailing all the sexual exploits of James Bond/Agent 007 throughout the entire series of films. Click to enlarge, or click here for a better view.

Angry Birds: Star Wars gameplay trailer

Obama Wins!

Hopefully I say the same thing tomorrow night, but "Obama Wins!" is the title of Wednesday's South Park:

NEW YORK, November 5, 2012 – The Presidential election isn’t over until you watch this all-new episode of "South Park" titled "Obama Wins!,” premiering Wednesday, November 7 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on COMEDY CENTRAL.

Cartman is hiding something in his bedroom that could change the outcome of the entire election. While Americans innocently plan to go to sleep Tuesday night with the election results counted and a winner announced, Cartman has secretly wrestled control of the Presidential election from the voters.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gangnam Style

Never have seen or heard it, never will. It's just too stupid. The only time I've ever heard part of it was on last week's South Park, honestly! My life is much better without "Gangnam Style" and "Call Me Maybe"... Too bad I've heard "Somebody That I Used to Know".

Saturday, November 3, 2012

An open letter from Louis CK

Hours before he is set to host Saturday Night Live, Louis CK wrote this open letter on his iPhone:
"Hello. Its louis here. I'm clacking this to you on my phone in my dressing room here at studio 8H, right in 30 rockefeller center, in Manhattan, new york city, new york, america, world, current snapshot of all existence everywhere.
Tonight I'm hosting Saturday Night Live, something I zero ever in my life saw happening to me. And yet here it is completely most probably happening (I mean, ANYTHING could NOT happen. So we'll see).
I've been working here all week with the cast, crew, producers and writers of SNL, and with Lorne Michaels. Such a great and talented group of people.
And here we are in the middle of New York City, which was just slammed by a hurricane, leaving behind so much trouble, so much difficulty and trauma, which everyone here is still dealing with every day.
Last night we shot some pre-tape segments in greenwich Village, which was pitch black dark for blocks and blocks, as it has been for a week now.
Its pretty impossible to describe walking through these city streets in total darkness. It can't even be called a trip through time, because as long as new york has lived, its been lit. By electricity, gas lamps, candlelight, kerosene. But this was pitch black, street after street, corner round corner. And for me, the village being the very place that made me into a comedian and a man, to walk through the heart of it and feel like, in a way, it was dead. I can't tell you how that felt. And you also had a palpable sense that inside each dark window was a family or a student or an artist or an old woman living alone, just being int he dark and waiting for the day to come back. Like we were all having one big sleep over, but not so much fun as that.
This is how a lot of the city is still. I know people in queens, brooklyn, Staten Island, new jersey, all over, are not normal yet. And not normal is hard.
And here at 30 rock, these folks are working so hard this week. There are kids in the studio every day, because members of the crew and staff had to bring them to work. Many people are sharing lodging. Everyone is tired. But there's this feeling here that we've got to put on a great show. I'm sure it feels like that here every week. But wow. I feel really lucky to be sharing this time with these particular good folks here at SNL.
In about 5 hours we'll be going on the air. I'll do a monologue. And we'll show you some sketches that we wrote and try to make you laugh. I'm gonna look really dumb in some of this stuff. But I don't care. Its awfully worth it. And I'm really excited.
Anyway. I just wanted to let you know. If you watch the show tonight, when Don Pardo says my name and you see me walking out, all the shit in this email is what ill be thinking. I'm a pretty lucky guy. I hope you enjoy the show.
Louis C.K.
Live. From new york. Its saturday night."

Louie, you are the man. (Via)

Breaking Bitch

This is a supercut of everytime Jesse Pinkman says "bitch" (or a variation) on Breaking Bad. I have no idea why it took this long to come out with. It's classic Jesse, bitch!

Friday, November 2, 2012

The top 250 films on IMDB in 2.5 minutes

Mythbusters "Breaking Bad" episode to air this Spring

Remember in July when Vince Gilligan said he'd love to do a Breaking Bad/Mythbusters crossover episode? No? Well refresh your memory by clicking the link, then continue reading.

Ready now? Ok, well Vince's wish will be a reality. This spring Discovery Channel will air a Breaking Bad themed episode of Mythbusters, with Gilligan and Aaron Paul making appearances. The Mythbusters themselves had actually personally reached out to him when they read his request. Hopefully it's the first of several, as there is plenty of material to cover.

I had joked in the previous post that they could do an experiment about dissolving a body in hydrofluoric acid, but it turns out that is indeed one of the two "myths" they will be doing on the show! The other, unknown at the time, will also be based on something from the first season of Breaking Bad.

Also, plenty of Breaking Bad articles to read here.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stuff I missed from yesterday

Hopefully this won't be a recurring feature, but here's a few things I missed from yesterday:

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is still happening, and coming out next October. Here's a breakdown of who's returning and who isn't.

Street artist Hanksy strikes again, this time with "Stark and Recreation". It's a mashup of Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) from Parks & Recreation with Iron Man (Tony Stark). Image to the right!

More on the new Star Wars films: The sequel trilogy will be based on a new, original story, and Mark Hamill knew about the plans for a new movie last year.

Tracy Morgan was on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night, and he didn't disappoint with the craziness. I'm beginning to I think something is wrong with him mentally. Check out the video after the jump.