Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 NFL Picks Week 12

Happy Thanksgiving football fans! The NFL is serving up a full plate of 3 games today, so there will be plenty of football to watch.

As for Week 11, I ended up at 9-5, as I just can't seem to reach double digits lately. The bye weeks are over though, so hopefully I can change that this week. Overall, my percentage stayed virtually the same, though I excelled in my upset picks (3-1) to improve to 13-8 on the year. I was back on the right track with my Pick of the Week (Seattle) to reach 8-3 on the year.

Miami lost to Dallas (no favorite), Philadelphia got crushed by underdog Tampa Bay (seriously, WTF is wrong with this team), Indianapolis upset Atlanta, Oakland failed to beat Detroit, and San Diego was nowhere near pulling up the upset against Kansas City. Week 12 picks after the jump!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

2015 NFL Picks Week 11

I finished an even 7-7 for Week 10, which isn't terrible considering there were a whopping 9 upsets out of the 14 games. Nobody in their right mind would pick that many upsets. However, I was a ridiculous 3-0 in my upset picks to improve to 10-7 on the year. My POTW shit the bed again, as I fell to an abysmal 7-3 on the year. Overall I saw my percentage drop from 65.2% to 63.7%.

All the games I lost ended up being upsets where the away team won, aside from Washington at home over New Orleans in which there was no favorite: Buffalo over New York Jets, Detroit over Green Bay (my pick of the week), Miami over Philadelphia (What. The. Fuck.), Chicago over St. Louis, Kansas City over Denver, and Houston over previously undefeated Cincinnati. I'm ready to put this week behind me. And the Eagles season if they lose this week...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

2015 NFL Picks Week 10

9-4 was the result of Week 9's picks, improving me slightly to 65% overall. I started off strong, with a correct PotW (Cincinnati) in the Thursday night game to reach 7-2 on the season. I was correct in my only upset pick (undefeated Carolina at home somehow), which improves my record to 9-7.

I would have been better off picking a few more upsets, as New Orleans lost to Tennessee at home, Atlanta continued their slide in San Francisco, Denver was handed their first lost by Indianapolis, and San Diego couldn't handle Chicago at home. Week 10 picks after the jump...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

'The Walking Dead' casts its next villain

I'm very fucking excited for this, though this character's introduction comes a but earlier than expected. This should also have a huge implication on Glenn's apparent death. I'll say more later.

Major comic spoilers! Please don't click unless you're ok with being spoiled!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

2015 NFL Picks Week 9

I finished Week 8 at 9-5, essentially maintaining my overall percentage at 64.7%. My Pick of the Week (now 6-2) came through in OT, which was one several OT games this week. I managed to split my 2 upset picks, to remain above .500 at 8-7.

Losses included Chicago losing at home to Minnesota, Tampa Bay upsetting Atlanta, Baltimore hanging on to beat San Diego, Pittsburgh losing to undefeated Cincinnati, and Green Bay getting demolished by Denver. On to Week 9: