Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trailer for The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1

They're making an animated adaptation of Frank Miller's classic Batman comic The Dark Knight Returns; Part 1 comes out September 25th on Blu-Ray/DVD. Check out the trailer below, from ComingSoon.

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Bill Murray's latest movie

He's in negotiations to star in St. Vincent, where he'll play a "prostie-frequenting alcoholic who becomes the unlikely mentor to his 12-year-old neighbor."  I feel like Bill might already be doing this, so it sounds right up his alley.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Han Solo in Carbonite Guitar

Something tells me the sound sounds like shit, but it looks pretty damn awesome. It's obviously a custom, and owned by Ben Moody of Evanescense. So I guess it makes sense that a shitty sounding band would use a shitty sounding guitar!

From Neatorama

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Louie renewed for 4th season

It'll be 13 episodes airing on FX next year.

That's it. Expecting more? Not from me! Click here.

How to make a man feel inferior

I had to go outside and smash things while drinking beer and cultivating chest hair just to re-assert myself after watching this gem:
via Buzzfeed

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Soup Nazi goes on tour!

He's making 8 stops on a country-wide tour, and offering free Seinfeld inspired food along the way.  If you're lucky enough to live near a stop (Newport Beach was on Wednesday), you can enjoy mulligatawny soup, Junior Mints, muffin tops, black and white cookies, Twix and Snapple. From Neatorama.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jimmy Fallon on Zach Galifianakis?

On last night's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy had Zach Galifianakis on as a guest, but instead of doing a normal interview they decided to switch places. Hilarity ensues:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Miller Lite Punch Top vs drumstick

If you've seen the commercial, you'll notice all sorts of random items are used to open the punch top on the new(ish) Miller Lite cans. One of the featured items is a drumstick; if you have any knowledge of drums you'd know the stick can't be pointed or else you'd be playing on some pretty holey? drum heads. Which is why I really didn't think the commercial was accurate when someone did indeed open the punch top with a rounded, wooden drumstick. Shenanigans I said! However, I finally put this to the test, and here are my results:

And there you have it folks, I was proven wrong! Turns out you CAN open the Miller Lite Punch Top can with a drumstick. I'll be damned.

Super Post-It Mario

The things some people do with their spare time still astonishes me, but at least it usually creates entertaining videos like this one of Mario, made with 7,000 Post-Its:

via AV Club

Phillies do the right thing, lock up Cole Hamels

The contract? $144 million for 6 years, which would make Cole the second highest paid pitcher in MLB history (probably behind God himself). Despite the large sum of money, which the Phillies have thanks to selling out every game the last several years, I like this move because Hamels deserved it and it shows Ruben Amaro and the front office aren't ready to give up on the season just yet. They aren't sellers for now -there's still a week before the trade deadline- but they shouldn't write off this team just due to a subpar first half of the year. They can easily go on a tear at any moment. They're healthy, and know they're better than their record indicates; the Phillies will certainly try to prove that by October.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Westboro Baptist Church

Can someone please kill these people? Or at least Fred Phelps? This group is ridiculous, as they now plan to picket the memorial services of the victims of the "Batman Massacre" in Aurora. What purpose will this serve? They didn't do anything to you assholes, learn some respect. How about you try to do something good for the world instead of trying to make headlines by disrespecting people who can't defend themselves? Some "church"...

Monday, July 23, 2012

TDKR has 3rd largest opening weeked

Despite being marred by the "Batman Massacre" and the totals being withheld until today, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises still managed to open to the third best opening weekend in history, finishing behind The Avengers and the last Harry Potter movie with $160.9 million. It finished just above The Dark Knight's record-at-the-time $158.4 million.  TDKR's total may not have broken the record set earlier this year, but it is nothing to be frowned upon. It did not have the aid of 3D ticket sales and was hindered by a nearly 3 hour run time and the aforementioned tragedy; despite this it was the best opening for a 2D movie ever.  Next weekend will really dictate how well the film does, as a small drop in sales will predict good legs for the final installment.

Overall, I personally feel there are too many factors going against TDKR to beat The Avengers but I wouldn't be surprised if it came close or surpassed it.  Now strictly in terms of base ticket sales, I'd say Batman takes out the Avengers any day.  Stay tuned in the next few weeks, as the movie will certainly continue to rake in the money.

And if you haven't already done so, check out my "one word" review here.

The best reaction to the "Batman Massacre"

If you haven't already read about the tragic events that took place during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, catch up here first.

Obviously nothing will fix what happened that night, and the families of the 12 people who lost their lives will never be the same.  But as it is with any tragedy, returning to a relatively normal life as soon as possible is the key to recovery. It makes it much easier to cope, and more importantly shows the evil people behind the acts that they won't continue to get under their skin. Which is why the actions of one survivor are admirable, and serve as a great reaction to James Holmes' thoughtless actions; he made headlines, now let him suffer the consequences.

Anyway, 16 year old Batman fan Justin Davis did what he set out to do on that fateful night and finished watching TDKR within a mere 24 hours.  He made a very powerful statement by essentially brushing off what Holmes did, and did so respectfully at that:
"I just want to finish it, and for all those men, women and children that didn’t get to finish it, I want to finish it for them.”
Very respectful coming from anyone, especially someone only 16 years young.

Truly a show about nothing

From none other than Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David... Who would have thought?  Seinfeld has a new web series called "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" and it plays out exactly how it sounds.  Seriously. Check out the episode with Larry David below:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A simple solution

If you're like me, about half of the alerts from ESPN's ScoreCenter are about athletes getting a DUI or arrested. Which is ridiculous, but I'll comment on that another time. However, Green Bay Packer TJ Lang has a word for all those athletes, and I couldn't agree more:

From Buzzfeed

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight turns into a massacre

PHOTO: Mr. James Holmes was a student the University of Colorado Denver?s graduate program in neurosciences. Police search inside an apartment  where the suspect in a shooting at a movie theatre lived in Aurora, Colo., July 20, 2012.On what should have been a great night of entertainment for everyone, one midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises turned into a night of horror.  24 year old student James Holmes walked into a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado (yes, like Columbine) and opened fire on an ususpecting audience after Batma's first appearance in the film. He had 4 weapons in his possession, including an AR-15 assault rifle (capable of storing 100 rounds of ammunition). After emerging looking similar to the character Bane from TDKR, Holmes threw smoke bombs and fired shot into their air, which many people believed to be part of the movie or a publicity stunt.  Unforunately, the events that unfolded were all too real.

When the entire ordeal was over, which only lasted a few minutes in real time but probably felt like a few hours to the witnesses, Holmes was arrested at his car decked out in full riot gear with the (legally purchased) weapons surrounding him.  The casualites from what is being called the "Batman Massacre" total 71, making it the largest mass shooting in United States history; 12 innocent people were killed, with another 59 injured.

To make this situation even stranger, the gunman told police he was "The Joker" and his apartment was booby trapped. He wasn't bluffing, as a large number of explosives were found by the bomb sqaud, as well as tripwires rigged to set them off.  He may have combined Batman villians, but Grade A psychopath indeed.  And the asshole didn't kill himself after the shooting, so I hope he rots in a jail cell the rest of his life.

Sources are all over the web, including ABC News with video.

Really Target?

Trying to substitute socks for boxer briefs? Though on second thought, I suppose you could still use a sock if you wanted...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

One word review of The Dark Knight Rises

Yes, I saw it before you; I won tickets to an advance screening! Anyway:


46 Things You Probably Don't Know About the Batman Films

The facts span all the films, from Batman to The Dark Knight. Yes, including the 2 turds directed by Joel Schumacher.  I've posted a few highlights below, but be sure to check out the full list at Vulture.


Batman had two soundtracks: one a score by Danny Elfman, the other an album Prince wrote just for the movie. Initially contracted to write just two songs, Prince ended up falling in love with the movie and knocking out an LP's worth. Burton later wrote that he "couldn't make the [Prince] songs work, and I think I did a disservice to the movie and to him."

The process of building the perfect Batsuit required the construction of 28 models, along with 25 capes and six cowls. Because the cowl was attached to the cape, it didn't allow him to move his head, giving rise to a move called the “Bat Turn,” which required Keaton to move his whole body along with his head.

Batman Returns

After the stress of shooting Batman, Burton wasn’t keen on making a sequel. In order to convince him, Warner Bros. handed over increased creative control. Burton gave Sam Hamm’s script to Heathers writer Daniel Waters with the instruction to cleanse the script of all signs that Batman Returns was a sequel. That included removing Vicki Vale, deleting revelations about Jack Napier, and scraping mentions of Batwing scraps being sold as souvenirs in Gotham.

Burgess Meredith, who played the Penguin in the TV version of Batman, was initially supposed to play Oswald Cobblepot’s father. He wasn’t available because of an illness, so Paul Reubens of Pee-wee Herman fame was given the role.

Batman Forever

Robin Williams had long been the leading candidate to play the Riddler should the character ever make it into a movie. Ultimately Williams turned down the role because he thought it wasn't as comedic as the version Frank Gorshin played in the sixties TV series.

One of Schumacher's most controversial changes in Batman Forever was adding nipples to the Batsuit, an idea he got from statues of Greek gods. The nipples went over poorly with many Batfans. More important, Jim Carrey says the nipples "pissed off Bob Kane," the creator of Batman who worked as a consultant on the film.

Batman & Robin

From the outset of Batman & Robin, Warner Bros. pushed Schumacher to make a more family-friendly film, and the studio allowed toy companies to be involved in the production. Schumacher says that the studio asked for the movie to be “toyetic, which means that what you create makes toys that can sell." Toy companies didn’t just get advance designs of costumes, vehicles, and weapons either; they helped develop them.

Uma Thurman beat out Julia Roberts and Demi Moore to play Poison Ivy. Patrick Stewart and Anthony Hopkins were considered for Mr. Freeze before Schumacher decided the maniac needed to be a pumped-up giant. So he asked Arnold Schwarzenegger to play the part and told him if he said no, the movie would have to find a new director.

Batman 5

The studio’s next attempt to revive Batman involved the Man of Steel. Wolfgang Peterson was hired to direct Batman vs. Superman and Se7en writer Kevin Walker wrote a screenplay. Peterson said the movie would pit a brooding, big city Batman against an innocent, small-town Superman and provide "a true existential experience with visual fun." Studio politics doomed the mash-up and Warner Bros. decided to prioritize a Superman movie instead.

Batman Begins

As with all the previous Batman movies, the Batsuit was redesigned for Batman Begins. Among the significant advancements was a new cowl that allowed Batman to turn his head, along with a cooling system that allowed Bale to stay in the suit for longer periods of time. The new cape also represented a significant advancement. After experimenting with velvet, costume designer Lindy Hemming and her team invented a new fabric made of parachute nylon and velvet pile that had an animal-like look but was light enough to fly. She also borrowed a technique called electrostatic flocking from the British Ministry of Defense that gave the cape a flowing, billowing effect.

Nolan shied away from using CGI whenever possible, even attempting to use real bats on the set. That lasted one day. Dead bats were scanned digitally to create the computer images and proved much easier to handle than the real things.

The Dark Knight

While Bale did speak in a bearlike growl when dressed as Batman, much of the bizarre gravelly effect of his voice in The Dark Knight was added in postproduction.

Composer Hans Zimmer set out to create the Joker's signature sound without retreading stock villain music. He started experimenting with razor blades on piano wire and pencils tapping on the floor. Ultimately the sound he settled on hinged on playing two conflicting notes on a cello then adding in a guitar part played with a piece of metal.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nick Offerman Reads Tweets Volume 4

Check out volumes one, two, and three (which I somehow missed!) first, then check out the latest installment from last night's Conan:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Star Wars version of "My 12 Year Old Self"

View the original here, then watch this:

via Uproxx

The latest installment of "The Front Desk"

This is actually episode 6 of the web series "The Front Desk" from Above Average Productions, starring John Lutz (from 30 Rock).  I posted the first episode last month, but somehow missed posting the other 4 installments until now (they debut every Monday).  Watch the latest video below, and check out the rest on AAP's Tumblr:

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Grand Budapest Hotel

That's the title of the next Wes Anderson flick, after this years Moonrise Kingdom.  I've seen all his movies except for that one so far, and have yet to be disappointed.  (Rushmore and The Life Aquatic are my personal favorites) This, and the fact that Johnny Depp will star, seems to make The Grand Butdapest Hotel another winner already.

The Awful Secret Implied by The Dark Knight Trilogy

From Cracked, and it actually makes some sense when you think about it! Nerds sure are smart, at least when it comes to super hero movies.

Marvel Phase 2

We already knew about sequels to Thor, and Captain America, and Iron Man, but now they have names and release dates.  Also, 2 new titles were revealed: Ant-Man (2014) and Guardians of the Galaxy.

from Buzzfeed

Sunday, July 15, 2012

All the stars from Super Mario 64

Pretty awesome visual representation of all the methods used to obtain every star from Super Mario 64.


Beatlemania Now photos

As for the show, it was great! Would absolutely go back to see them. The musician "playing" Paul McCartney was phenomenal; he replicated his mannerisms and playing style perfectly. Ringo was on point and John Lennon was pretty good as well, could have done better in the vocals but otherwise great. The musician mimicing Harrison, as he was with the actual Beatles, stayed mostly in the background but provided great guitar work.

All You Need is Love

I Am the Walrus (G'goo goo g'joob!)

Revolution 1

Get Back


Friday, July 13, 2012

Where's the beef?

This would go great with that Whopper with 1,000+ slices of bacon; the same guy, Mr. Sato, now tries to eat a Burger King Whopper with 1,000 slices of cheese, or something that resembles cheese. Prepare to be amazed (or disgusted):


He got through about 350 slices before dying giving up.

Click here for more pictures and video!

EDIT: Here's the beef!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ghostbusters 3 being rewritten

So hopefully this script will entice Bill Murray once again? Coming Soon reports that Etan Cohen (no, not Ethan Coen unfortunately) has signed on to rewrite the script.  He wrote Tropic Thunder, so this could be a good move. It almost has to be, right?
Also, Dan Aykroyd gives some info:

"My character, Ray, is now blind in one eye and can't drive the cadillac. He's got a bad knee and can't carry the packs... Egon is too large to get into the harness. We need young blood and that's the promise. We're gonna hand it to a new generation."

Monday, July 9, 2012

Breaking Bad: Where Season 4 left off

It doesn't answer any questions, but it does get me excited (again) for next week's premiere of Season 5 on AMC!

Ernest Borgnine, dead at 95

Sorry, I'm not going to make a hairpiece joke.  But seriously, legendary actor Ernest Borgnine passed away yesterday due to renal failure.  I'm sure everyone has a favorite movie of his, considering he's easily been in over 100 films during his career.  My favorite of his was BASEketball (obviously) where he played billionaire Ted Denslow.  Some other ones I remember were Poseidon Adventure and Gattaca.  Of course 95 is an old age to live to, but it always seems like people are taken too early.

Booty Pop

Ok, WTF is this?!? My brothers recommended this to me, and I've been shaking my head the whole time I've been watching. I really don't know what to make of this, but damn the song is catchy and he has a weird belly button. See what you think:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Interview with the Future

I posted yesterday about a video where a guy "interviewed" himself 20 years in the pastFunny or Die has a pretty funny response video, but it doesn't end quite the same:

Breaking Bad season premiere sneak peek

Saw this a couple days ago, but couldn't embed.  Regardless, here it is.  Makes reference to the end of Season 4, so don't watch if you haven't seen it.  I don't know why you'd want to anyway.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

London Olympics will feature first amputee runner

Oscar Pistorius, a double leg amputee, has won a spot on South Africa's track team.  He will compete in the upcoming Summer Olympics in London, racing in the individual 400 meter race.  He runs on carbon fiber prosthetics (which some see as an advantage) and will be competing with able bodied athletes.  It'll be interesting to see how it goes, and it would certainly be nice without any controversy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Apparently America became independent from British control on July 4th, 1776 or something.  All I know is that every year when July 4th rolls around, I can expect some great food, drinks, and outdoor fun.  So happy 4th of July!

Nick Offerman (he really should just legally change his name to Ron Swanson) provides a list of 25 other things you should do on this holiday; without a sidearm most of these won't be possible:

  1. Shoot your own dinner entrées.
  2. Drink American beer while it's fresh.
  3. Carry a sidearm into church.
  4. Shave your pubes into an American eagle.
  5. Place a beef-jerky bouquet on John Wayne's grave.
  6. Drive an appropriately sized truck.
  7. Read the national edition of USA Today.
  8. Make a healthy living simply playing the children's game of soccer.
  9. Visit the historical home of Laura Ingalls Wilder and drink a half pint of Old Darlin'.
  10. Urinate in North Dakota.
  11. Consume USDA-certified meatstuffs.
  12. Learn about the Bible in science class.
  13. Gape at the majesty of California's giant redwoods while watching Ax Men on an iPad.
  14. Carry a sidearm into an antique-furniture store.
  15. Stand at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and contemplate the grandeur of the combination safe full of sidearms in your nearby RV.
  16. Go an entire week eating nothing but corn-syrup-based comestibles.
  17. Appreciate firsthand the natural beauty of American women, particularly my American wife.
  18. Not hear any Dutch accents.
  19. Stand at the northern border and pass gas into Canada.
  20. Secede from the union and form your own island state. (Still working out the bugs in this one.)
  21. Watch a WNBA game live and revel in the physical prowess of women who know what the human body is supposed to look like.
  22. Catch a largemouth bass, release it, then drive to McDonald's in a Hummer and step up to a delicious McRib.
  23. After that delicious McRib, hum "I'm Lovin' It" while carrying a firearm into a Buddhist temple.
  24. Become obese, then immobile, and get famous for it.
  25. Appear on television and get all the money and tail you could ever dream of by becoming a televangelist.

via Huffington Post, with full interview at GQ

Breaking (Bad) Gifs

This cool art project is all about Breaking Bad, with posters designed by 16 different artists. I actually featured one on the blog about a week ago, and a few more are below.  A new one debuts every day, so be sure to check out Breaking Gifs daily.

via Neatorama

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012


That's the % chance the Phillies have of making the MLB playoffs right now, according to one statistical analysis.  Good thing I publicly gave up on them the other week!

Via The 700 Level

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Live in the Atlantic City area or want to make a trip to see Beatlemania? Want tickets half off? Help me get mine for free and get your own by buying through the link below!