Saturday, April 30, 2016

Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd remake a Styx music video shot for shot

And when I say shot for shot, I mean it. In all its cheesy 80s glory, Fallon and Rudd perfectly capture "Too Much Time on My Hands" from Styx. The worst part is that they only cover the first half of the song.

Watch it here.

Here's the original for comparison.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Call me nostalgic, but I had to break my non-posting slump for this.

Hi-C Ecto Cooler

Hi-C is bringing back Ecto Cooler, the amazing Ghostbusters themed citrus flavored/green colored drink. It last debuted in 1987 and was discontinued in 2001; since then it has seen many people attempting to replicate the elixir (pretty sure I've posted a recipe on here).

It will come back on May 30th to promote the new Ghostbusters movie, and you can follow the action at before it is released. Apparently the cans will be similar to Coors Light's blue Rocky Mountains, and slime will turn green when cold.