Sunday, January 24, 2016

2015 NFL Picks for Conference Championships

I was close to staying perfect for the playoffs, but got fancy and picked Kansas City to upset New England. Still, I went 3-1 during the Divisional Round, improving my playoff record to 7-1 (1-1 upsets). I'm on pace for my best playoff record thus far, which would best last year's 8-3. On to the Conference Championship picks!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

2015 NFL Picks for Divisional Round

Sorry this is late, but I was in Mexico and then moving. Sue me! A more in depth post should be coming soon, but I was 4-0 last week for the first time ever.

I picked all the away teams for Wild Card Weekend, of which only one (Green Bay) was an upset. It paid off though, as all 4 picks resulted in wins. Let's see if I can keep this going:

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots
Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers
Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos

Upset pick as of 1/16 4:25pm

Previous Results
Week 1: 10-6
Week 2: 7-9
Week 3: 12-4
Week 4: 11-4
Week 5: 9-5
Week 6: 11-3
Week 7: 8-6
Week 8: 9-5
Week 9: 9-4
Week 10: 7-7
Week 11: 9-5
Week 12: 10-6
Week 13: 10-6
Week 14: 10-6
Week 15: 11-5
Week 16: 10-6
Week 17: 8-8
Season: 161-95 (62.9%)

Wild Card: 4-0
Playoffs: 4-0 (100%)

Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 NFL Picks for Wild Card Weekend

The 2015 NFL regular season has come to a close, but that doesn't stop me from continuing my picks throughout the playoffs. As for the regular season, I finished at 62.9% overall by correctly picking 161 of 256 games. Week 17 was one of my worst, as I finished 8-8 (7 of the losses were upsets). I did manage to pick 1 of 2 upsets correctly (Washington at Dallas) to finish the season at 20-17 (best record in that regard). Denver came through as my PotW, and I'll end with a record of 12-5.

Lots of losses this week, with most of them being upsets: NYJ losing at Buffalo, New England losing at Miami, Atlanta losing at home to New Orleans, NYG losing at home to Philadelphia, St. Louis losing at San Francisco, Arizona losing at home to Seattle, and Green Bay losing the division title at home against Minnesota. The only exception was Chicago not upsetting Detroit at home.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 NFL Picks Week 17

After the completion of today's games, the 2015 NFL season will have reached its conclusion. But how did I do last week? After going 11-5 two weeks ago to break my streak of 10-6 weeks, I went right back to going 10-6. That basically leaves me around 63% for the year. I lost yet another PotW, as Pittsburgh was unable to beat lowly Baltimore (shame on me for going against my rule of never picking a road team). That puts me at 11-5 on the season, which is terrible in my book. I was 2 for 3 in upset picks (correct on Washington and Indianapolis, wrong on Jacksonville), which puts me at 19-16 for the year. Another win this week would see me breaking 20 for the first time.

Losses: Tampa Bay, Carolina, New England, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Seattle