Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Eagles vs 49ers: Behind the Numbers 2014

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Unfortunately it happened sooner as the Philadelphia Eagles lost for the first time this year, falling to the San Francisco 49ers 26-21. Before the game the Eagles were the best second half team, and the 49ers were the worst second half team. So naturally the Eagles went scoreless after halftime, and the 49ers scored 13 points in their come from behind victory. The Eagles defense played fairly well and special teams accounted for all their points. The offense was anemic, as I'm sure the numbers will support:

Monday, September 29, 2014

Gluten Free Ebola

NEW YORK, September 29, 2014 – The consequences of eating gluten are dire on an all-new episode of “South Park” titled “Gluten Free Ebola” premiering Wednesday, October 1 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

Mr. Mackey is now gluten free and everyone is annoyed when he won’t quit preaching about how great he feels. But, after witnessing a disturbing demonstration of what happens to your body when you do eat gluten, South Park becomes the first town in America to go gluten free.

No preview available at time of posting.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

2014 NFL Picks Week 4

And so begins the bye weeks! There won't be 16 games a week until much later in the season now, so each pick is weighted more from week to week. I fared pretty well last week, finishing at 11-5 and bringing my overall to nearly 65%. I was 2 for 3 in upset picks, bringing my season total to 7 for 11 (about 64%). Statistically I'm picking upsets just as correctly as the rest of my picks, so I can't really get too mad at that. If anything, I should be picking more upsets; but that is the nature of picking NFL games. Correctly picked New England to beat Oakland for my Pick of the Week, though barely. 2-1 in that department. Before my Week 4 picks, let's go over where I went wrong last week.

Houston looked to be doing pretty well so far this season, so I felt a win against the winless NY Giants was inevitable. WRONG. Green Bay looked great last week, and Detroit looked terrible so naturally Detroit shut down Green Bay for the win. I have no idea what is wrong with San Francisco, but they fell apart on the road against Arizona. Miami looked great week 1, but has yet to play anywhere close to that level the last 2 weeks; meanwhile Kansas City looked awful the first 2 weeks but beat Miami with no problem. In pretty much the same fashion, Pittsburgh took care of Carolina convincingly. Onward to Week 4!

Thursday, 8:30pm
New York Giants at Washington Redskins
Sunday, 1pm
Miami Dolphins at Oakland Raiders
Detroit Lions at New York Jets
Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears
Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans
Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens
Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers
Sunday, 4pm/4:25pm
Jacksonville Jaguars at *San Diego Chargers*
Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings
Philadelphia Eagles at San Francisco 49ers
Sunday, 830pm
New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys
Monday, 830pm
New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs

*Pick of the Week*

upset picks as of 9/25 11:00am

Previous Results

Week 1: 11-5
Week 2: 9-7
Week 3: 11-5
Season: 31-17 (64.6%)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Go Fund Yourself

NEW YORK, September 22, 2014 – The boys launch a Kickstarter campaign and get down to business on an all-new episode of “South Park” titled “Go Fund Yourself” premiering Wednesday, September 24 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

 After Cartman and the boys name their new company, The Washington Redskins, they just sit back and watch the funding roll in. The head coach of the Washington Redskins football team demands that they change the name but Cartman digs in his heels. The Washington Redskins may never mean the same thing ever again.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jim Carrey to host SNL this season

From Vulture:
We already know that Chris Pratt, Sarah Silverman, and Bill Hader are scheduled to host the first three episodes of SNL this season. Now The Wrap reports that Jim Carrey will also hostSNL this fall. This will make a third turn as host for Carrey, following his 1996 and 2011 appearances. The Wrap doesn't specify a date, but it will be surrounding Dumb and Dumber To's November 14 release, so at minimum, expect one or two sketches where Carrey wears a sweater.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Eagles vs Redskins: Behind the Numbers 2014

Well, looks like the Eagles finally decided to show up for a full game! Unfortunately no one informed the defense, which was essentially non-existent the entire game. The offense picked up the slack though, as the Philadelphia Eagles beat their divisional rivals Washington Redskins in exciting fashion 37-34. 3-0 for the first time since 2004! It was certainly an exciting offensive shootout (I think both teams are still scoring touchdowns), so let's see how the numbers support what we saw: