Monday, July 25, 2011

Let's play some damn football!

Finally! The NFL lockout is over! In a joint statement by the players and owners, it was announced that a 10 year CBA agreement has been reached. It's about time too, since the season is scheduled to start in September.  Here's the details of the agreement:

Player health and safety

  • Offseason programs reduced by five weeks with OTAs cut from 14 per team to 10. Limited practice time and contact, limited full-contact practices and more days off for players.
  • Players can remain in medical plan for life.
  • Regular season limited to 16 games through 2012 season.
  • $50 million annually earmarked for medical research and healthcare programs.


  • $900 million to $1 billion earmarked for retired player benefits over the next decade with $620 million ticketed for pre-1993 retirees.

Free agency

  • Players unrestricted after four accrued seasons.

Rookie contracts

  • Drafted players get four-year deals (with club option for fifth year on first rounders), undrafted players get three-year deals.
  • Each rookie class is allotted a maximum "total compensation" package.
  • "Strong anti-holdout rules."
  • Funds previously allotted to rookie pool reallocated to veterans and retirees.

Salary cap
  • $120.4 million in 2011 and clubs must utilize 99% of space.

Source: USA Today Sports

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