Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to the B Long Blog!!!

Holy crap! I've been blogging an entire year! And I missed the anniversary date! Just two days ago, April 14th, marked the first birthday of the B Long Blog.  And I missed it? Oh well, I'd been blogging for 365 366 days, so forgive me. 
As of my one year anniversary, I had made at least 1 post a day for the entire (leap) year, for a total of 569.  That's an average of 1.55 posts per day; not too shabby.  I'd like to see that get up to 2 per day, but we'll see how it goes. Views were right around 13,000 on the 14th, which comes to 35.52 per day.  Also just got to 30 likes today, and I'd like to get to 60 in much quicker than a year.  That's up to you guys! Happy Birthday to me!

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Also, finally finsished tagging all 576 posts, so everything is up to date as of 4/16/12

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