Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Details on the now "official" Walking Dead spinoff

I first posted about the spinoff of The Walking Dead back in September, and more details are finally emerging from Robert Kirman. See the highlights below, and read about more here.
  • The spinoff will be set in the same world as “The Walking Dead,” but won’t include any of the characters from the show or the comics.
  • The location won’t be in Georgia.
  • There’s lots of possibilities for the plot in the spinoff.
  • Dave Erickson, who worked as producer and writer on AMC’s “Low Winter Sun” (which was recently canceled), and who wrote 17 episodes of FX Network’s “Sons of Anarchy,” was recently announced as being an executive producer and writer for the spinoff.
  • Apart from being set in the same world as The Walking Dead there’s not much to go on so far in regards to plot, and no cast members have been announced or even rumored.
  • The originally announced release date was going to be sometime in 2015, but Uproxx claims: “That’s not necessarily the case, anymore.”

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