Saturday, June 9, 2012

Preacher chokes, punches, and spanks daughter, then takes off shoes

Well, hopefully Jesus can forgive this guy: according to a police report mega church preacher (and part time superhero?) Creflo Dollar opened a can of whoop ass on his 15 year old daughter. This can included choking, punching, and shoe spanking. Yes, he allegedly took off his shoe to spank his daughter for being disrespectful.
The preacher's church has a crazy 30,000+ members so you know tons of people look up to him. Although there are conflicting reports on the incident, Dollar's arrest certainly won't look good to his congregation. Sure, there are conflicting reports as to what happened but let's be real for a second. A preacher of that caliber is going to do or say whatever he can to protect his image. Regardless of what happened, someone in that profession should never be in this situation. To borrow from Colbert, this story gets a "wag of the finger". n

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