Monday, July 23, 2012

The best reaction to the "Batman Massacre"

If you haven't already read about the tragic events that took place during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, catch up here first.

Obviously nothing will fix what happened that night, and the families of the 12 people who lost their lives will never be the same.  But as it is with any tragedy, returning to a relatively normal life as soon as possible is the key to recovery. It makes it much easier to cope, and more importantly shows the evil people behind the acts that they won't continue to get under their skin. Which is why the actions of one survivor are admirable, and serve as a great reaction to James Holmes' thoughtless actions; he made headlines, now let him suffer the consequences.

Anyway, 16 year old Batman fan Justin Davis did what he set out to do on that fateful night and finished watching TDKR within a mere 24 hours.  He made a very powerful statement by essentially brushing off what Holmes did, and did so respectfully at that:
"I just want to finish it, and for all those men, women and children that didn’t get to finish it, I want to finish it for them.”
Very respectful coming from anyone, especially someone only 16 years young.

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