Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight turns into a massacre

PHOTO: Mr. James Holmes was a student the University of Colorado Denver?s graduate program in neurosciences. Police search inside an apartment  where the suspect in a shooting at a movie theatre lived in Aurora, Colo., July 20, 2012.On what should have been a great night of entertainment for everyone, one midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises turned into a night of horror.  24 year old student James Holmes walked into a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado (yes, like Columbine) and opened fire on an ususpecting audience after Batma's first appearance in the film. He had 4 weapons in his possession, including an AR-15 assault rifle (capable of storing 100 rounds of ammunition). After emerging looking similar to the character Bane from TDKR, Holmes threw smoke bombs and fired shot into their air, which many people believed to be part of the movie or a publicity stunt.  Unforunately, the events that unfolded were all too real.

When the entire ordeal was over, which only lasted a few minutes in real time but probably felt like a few hours to the witnesses, Holmes was arrested at his car decked out in full riot gear with the (legally purchased) weapons surrounding him.  The casualites from what is being called the "Batman Massacre" total 71, making it the largest mass shooting in United States history; 12 innocent people were killed, with another 59 injured.

To make this situation even stranger, the gunman told police he was "The Joker" and his apartment was booby trapped. He wasn't bluffing, as a large number of explosives were found by the bomb sqaud, as well as tripwires rigged to set them off.  He may have combined Batman villians, but Grade A psychopath indeed.  And the asshole didn't kill himself after the shooting, so I hope he rots in a jail cell the rest of his life.

Sources are all over the web, including ABC News with video.

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  1. Assault weapons, 100 rounds, psychotic and the NRA = freedom??????