Friday, August 17, 2012

Today in weird crime news...

First, a man named Walter White (Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad) is wanted by the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office for,  you guessed it!, making meth.  And he was charged back in 2008 for making the drug, so it's not like he changed his name to suit his job.  An actual man named Walter White is wanted for production of methamphetamine. I'd check RV's, underneath laudromats, and houses being bug bombed if I were the Sheriff's Office.

In another odd crime, or rather a lack of crime technically, Miami doctor Armando Angulo will have the case against him thrown out. Why you may ask? Because it takes up too much space on the DEA's server: 2 terabytes to be exact. The fugitive doc was charged with illegally selling prescription medications online, and his rap sheet is over 400,000 pages long (or enough to print War and Peace 625,000 times. Apparently the case against him was "an economic and political hardship" for the DEA and they decided to drop the charges.

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