Friday, September 21, 2012

Breaking Bad locations in real life

Flickr user WallDruggie took on a massive project, in which they set out to photograph as many Breaking Bad locations in the ABQ area. Some are actually functioning buildings, others are no longer existing, and others look quite different, but regardless proceed at your own risk in case of spoilers. Check out a few of the locations below and some more after the jump:

The "White House"
The car wash, now owned by Skylar and Walt
Jesse Pinkman's house

Hank and Marie Shrader's home
Los Pollos Hermanos

Apartments occupied by Jesse and Jane
Tuco's headquarters

Better call Saul!

Parking lot where Walt stranded and blew up his car
Ted Beneke's fabrication business

Gus's laundromat, with super lab underneath

Location of the shootout between Hank and the Cousins in "One Minute"

Hector Salamanca's nursing home

Walter White's apartment

Gonzo (Jesus Jr.) in the junkyard

Via, with full album here.

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