Monday, October 21, 2013

Well, don't expect too many new eps of 'Parks and Rec' this year

Sad face.

Late on Friday, NBC announced a slew of schedule changes, as well as the cancellations of newbies Ironside and Welcome to the Family. Somewhat lost among all the shifting was this sad fact: Parks and Recreation is going on hiatus, effective immediately. This week's planned episode is being replaced by a repeat of The Voice, next week will feature an SNL Halloween clip show, and November 7 will offer a long-scheduled live episode of The Voice. Parks will then return on November 14, but only for two weeks, with back-to-back episodes airing that night and on November 21. (This means the show's planned Halloween/election episode will now air two weeks after Halloween and a week after Election Day.) After its two-week return, Parks disappears again, this time staying off the air completely until early 2014. NBC will fill the Parks time slot until then with a mix of football, a live broadcast of The Sound of Music, two weeks of The Sing-Off, and the hour-long return of Community on January 2. Unless NBC changes its mind, Parks will be back on January 9 in its new/old 8:30 p.m. time slot. Via Vulture

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