Monday, November 25, 2013

Somebody is making "Bob's Burgers" burgers of the day!

If you haven't seen the cartoon Bob's Burgers yet, do yourself a favor and watch it, if only for the "Burger of the Day" running gag. Every episode features a burger of the day for Bob's restaurant, and it is always a cheesy pun (is there any other kind?). Some of my favorites include "if looks could KALE", "Mediterr-ain't misbehaving", "don't get CREME FRAICHE with me", and Bob's favorite "new BACON-ings - comes with bacon". Someone brilliantly decided to actually make these burgers, and has listed recipes for 12 burgers along with pictures. The next one on the horizon will be the "Child Molester - comes with candy!". My only complaint is the lack of good buns (seriously). Check out a few of them below!

Don’t You Four Cheddar Bout MeHere’s lookin’ to you Molly Ringwald!  This angus patty is stuffed with horseradish cheddar and a sharp yellow cheddar.  Then it’s cooked in bacon fat, and covered in melty mild yellow and sharp white cheddars. Topped with crispy bacon, lettuce and onions all on a fresh bun. Comes with veggie chips - because we ran out of normal potato chips and these are tasty.So, I felt a bit ridiculous going to Kroger and asking the girl behind the deli for 2 slices each of four different cheddars, but this burger was so worth it.  I got two whites: horseradish mild and sharp, and two yellows: sharp and mild.  I chopped up two slices and stuffed them in the ground beef while the bacon was frying.  After the sizzling was done, I plopped that burger right in the grease - shameless.  After it cooked through, I added a slice each of the remaining cheeses and put it all on a big ol’ bun.This burger was absolutely delicious, but I felt too full after eating it.  It might not have helped that I was snacking on some bacon as I cooked the burger.  I definitely could taste the different cheeses - hints here and there, with a creamy gooey texture in every bite.  The crispy bacon made it have a great contrasting crunch too!  Oh and did I mention that I listened to the Breakfast Club Soundtrack the whole time while cooking.. yes, I did. Specifically ‘Don’t you forget about me’ on loop.
"Don't you FOUR CHEDDAR bout me"
"Foot FETA-ish"
I’ve Created a Meunster with meunster cheese.Well, I mean it was Halloween last week.  This lean patty is topped with sauteed mushrooms smothered in creamy meunster cheese.  A tad of ketchup and a bit of lettuce for some color.  May or may not come with spider.I bought some lean beef, it was on sale. I normally don’t like making burgers with anything more than 85% lean since it’s hard to keep in a patty, but I went for it.  I cooked the burger medium well, and put a thick slice of meunster on it, then the mushrooms (sauteed in butter - nothing fancy) and another slice of meunster. It looked far too.. tan and unappealing. So i added a tiny bit of ketchup and some lettuce for color.The burger came out pretty well. It wasn’t anything gourmet, but it was tasty.  The mushrooms really added, but the meunster was just too delicate of a flavor to really stand out.  Should I have used more? Who knows.  Either way, I’d eat it again.
"I've created a MUENSTER"
More at The Bob's Burgers Experiment, via Neatorama.

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