Saturday, December 28, 2013

Eagles vs. Bears: Behind the Numbers 2013

TOTAL DOMINATION! Much like last week, though for the opposite reason, I won't be commenting much on this game. Despite knowing beforehand that the game essentially meant nothing to the Eagles, they came out in full force and completely dominated the Chicago Bears (who actually had something to play for). It wasn't even close, and it was 21-0 before you could blink. And I was lucky enough to be at the game.

As you can see, the dominating game by the Eagles is reflected wonderfully by the numbers. Despite each running 63 offensive plays, the Eagles gained double the yards the Bears did (average gain and total). In fact, the only offensive category that the Birds didn't best the Bears in was passing yards, though that was negated when sacks were factored in. Philadelphia did far better in the penalty department than they did last week, and won the turnover battle again (which resulted in 14 points including a pick 6). And obviously the rushing yards indicate that LeSean McCoy had another monster game, but so did Bryce Brown. Everything speaks for itself here.

Much like last week, there won't be too much commentary on the offense and defense because it was painfully obvious how well each side of the ball played. Even the special teams improved this week, and the Philadelphia Eagles were firing on all cylinders. 

Once again, stellar games from Nick Foles (who spread the ball around to nearly everybody) and LeSean McCoy, and the entire offense. I haven't spoken too much about the offensive line this year, but they have been tremendous. A++ game from them.

The defense stepped up in a big way this week, only allowing 2 scoring drives to the Chicago Bears offense despite the stellar receiving duo of Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall. They only accumulated 112 yards between the 2 of them, when they are both capable of that individually in any given game. The D also recorded a safety and 2 turnovers, which led to 14 points. Standouts included Brandon Boykin (INT for TD), Trent Cole (3 sacks), Mychal Kendricks (2 sacks), and Bradley Fletcher (7 tackles). A for them.

-This game was fun to watch, especially in person. Words can't do it justice, it was just simply a dominating performance.
-Everything improved from the Minnesota game, and this was the polar opposite result. Kudos to Chip Kelly for a great game plan, and it looks like the Birds have put that bad loss behind them.
-The Eagles scored on 7 of 10 real drives. Chicago? 2 of 11.
-Since Dallas pulled it out against Washington before the game had started, the Eagles had nothing to play for really, but it sets up a Week 17 winner take all showdown for the NFC East crown.
-Those "WE WANT DALLAS" chants were amazing to be a part of
-Romo is out, but bring it on Cowboys!

Next week at Dallas: Sunday, 8:30pm

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