Thursday, December 26, 2013

Eagles vs. Vikings: Behind the Numbers 2013

Umm, I'm not even going to apologize for posting this 2 weeks late. Everyone know how the game ended up, and I'm really not going to comment much on it. It was an all around awful game by the Eagles, and no twisting or analyzing of the numbers will disprove that. Moving on...

Okay, so the offensive numbers are actually pretty close, with the Eagles coming out on top in total yards, average gain, and passing yards. But I digress: we all know the defense lost the game for them. Penalties were a factor as well, with 9 for 94 yards compared to only 3 for 25 for the Vikings.

The offense played OK actually, and certainly weren't to blame for the loss, though they could have been a bit better. Why didn't they run the ball more? I guess given the score it wasn't appropriate, but when you have the league's best rusher in LeSean McCoy, why not use him?

Place this loss on the defense. They flat out sucked, and this was their worst game since the Denver blowout. Ouch. Double ouch, considering they made Matt Cassell look like Peyton Manning, and that backup backup RB look like Peterson. This should have been a win, but the defense blew it.

Special teams weren't the best either. That can probably be chalked up to a bad game plan by the head coach. The field position battle was constantly in Minnesota's favor.

-Terrible decision to not kickoff deep the entire game, and an even worse decision by Chip Kelly not to adjust that part of the game plan after the first half.
-Building on that, field position was a serious reason the Birds lost this game. The defense had to be amazing to stop the Vikings, given the constant short fields they had to work with.
-This game snapped Philadelphia's streak of 9 consecutive games allowing 21 points or less.
-The Eagles could have all but clinched the NFC East with a win at Minnesota. Looks like it will come down to that Week 17 showdown at Dallas after all.

(Eagles vs. Vikings PDF)

Last week vs. Detroit: W, 34-20
Next week vs. Chicago: Sunday, 8:30pm

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