Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 Sequels Made by People Who Must Not Have Seen the Original

#5 Jaws: The Revenge
Jaws invented the summer blockbuster, is the most famous and profitable movie about people getting eaten ever made -- including Debbie Does Dallas -- and to this day, is the one joy of children made to learn the cello. The sequels were stuck with trying to make "SHARK! AGAIN!" interesting, and plausible.
The conceit of the second film is the same as the first: A giant shark is eating people off of Amity Island, and nobody will believe Sheriff Brody when he says that's what's happening. In the third movie, nobody will believe Chief Brody's son that a shark has broken into Sea World and is eating people, presumably because that could never happen anywhere but inside the mind of a crazy person.

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