Saturday, August 6, 2011

Benches clear during Phillies/Giants game

Leave it to Shane "I need a Lexapro" Victorino to inspire a benches clearing brawl during last night's Phillies/Giants game.  Definitely watch the video here, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out Shane was intentionally thrown at. He hit a homerun earlier in the game, and the Phillies were up by 6 runs at the time.  As a pitcher, you NEVER throw behind a batter unless you're trying to hit him.  That type of errant throw is not accidental by any stretch. 

I'm not condoning what Victorino did after the HBP, but he does have the right to be angry and defend his namesake and team.  He went a little over the top as has become expected by Shane, but let's not pretend the Giants were innocent.  Ramon Ramirez was wrong for the intentional HBP, and catcher Eli Whiteside was wrong for trying to tackle Placido Polanco as he was coming over to mediate.  And when I say trying, I mean trying; it was an awful attempt at a tackle.  Polanco was even quoted as saying simply, "He didn't tackle me".

Whiteside, Ramirez, and Victorino were all ejected from the game.  Pablo Sandoval also appeared to have Carlos Ruiz in a choke-hold at one point.  Suspensions have not yet been announced.

Oh, and as for Hunter Pence?  Welcome to Philly.  Tremendous support from the new guy, as he could have easily watched the brawl from afar without getting involved.  Fits right in, for sure.

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