Wednesday, September 14, 2011

11 Random Observations at Casa Bonita

  1. Casa Bonita is actually in a strip mall in a seemingly-questionable area.

    Casa Bonita (with "Casa" Midwesternly pronounced by locals like it rhymes with "NASA") has an epic exterior which, in photographs, makes you think it'd be a free-standing behemoth. It is not. It is in a strip mall. And not a sexy strip mall. As my friend Bruce astutely pointed out, when you see a still-not-replaced Hollywood Video, it's never a good sign...

    Also, I don't really know Denver's good and bad neighborhoods... but I got a strong vibe that Casa Bonita wasn't exactly in the poshest part of town. Although it was just down the street from a *doll hospital*, and I don't think there's a supply/demand for those in the bad parts of any town.
  2. They most definitely embrace the "South Park" episode.

    I can only imagine what the "South Park" has done for Casa Bonita -- but it has to be one hell of a bump. Like what "America's Funniest Home Videos" did for the camcorder. Or what "Saved by the Bell" did for robot butlers.

    And Casa Bonita knows it. I snapped a picture of that banner on the wall for two reasons. One: To prove they pay homage to Eric Cartman, their biggest fan. And two: Because it's quite possibly the only piece of decor they've added or updated since 1989.
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