Sunday, September 4, 2011

Changes to Star Wars Blu-Ray release

No surprise here; we all know George Lucas can't keep his hands of the Star Wars saga.  He's made numerous changes to the films throughout the years, in several re-releases.  Most of these were minor tweaks, but there have been several major changes made to the dismay of the fans.  The newest Blu-Ray release is no exception.  Here's a list of the main changes, and a link to some videos.

  • Puppet Yoda from Episode I has been replaced with CGI Yoda
  • Kenobi's Krayt Dragon yell has been replace with new audio
  • CGI rocks were added in front of R2-D2 while he is hiding from the Jawas
  • A CGI Dug was added to a scene in Jabba's Palace
  • Jabba's door is modified to appear much grander in scale
  • The Ewoks blink
  • Darth Vader yells "No! Noooooo!" when throwing Emperor Palpatine
  • Not a change, but Greedo still shoots first (by a nanosecond, to the point where Han couldn't react "after" Greedo)

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