Tuesday, October 4, 2011

4 Loko forced to alter product...

...again.  First Phusion Beverages, makers of 4 Loko, were forced to reformulate their drink and remove the caffeine.  Now, because apparently people can't do simple math, they are forced to display how much alcohol the drink contains.  At first they claimed 4 Loko contained the same amount of alcohol as 2 standard 12oz beers, but even a remedial math student could dispute this.  Let's try it out:

A standard beer is around 4% alcohol and is 12 ounces.
A 4 Loko contains 12 % alcohol and is 23.5 ounces.
Multiply the volume of beer by 2 to get roughly 23.5 ounces.
Multiply the % alcohol of beer by 3 to get 12%.
Using rules of multiplication, we can say 1 beer must be multiplied by 6 (2 times 3) to equal 1 4 Loko.
A 4 Loko is equivalent to 6 beers.

There, simple wasn't it?  Apparently not, as Phusion Beverages is now claiming 4 Loko is the same as 4 regular 5% alcohol beers.  At 5% alcohol, it would take 5 beers to equal a 4 Loko.  Close enough I guess.

Despite this awful math, and being forced to repackage, Phusion is also adding a resealable cap to their cans (which is awesome).  That more than anything will probably prevent people from ODing on 4 Lokos, since everyone usually just finished the entire thing in one sitting instead of wasting it.

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