Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Truman Show Delusion

So, apparently real, actual people that live in this same world as you and I suffer from something called "Truman Show Delusion."  Sufferers think they are secretly being filmed and that everyone in their lives are actors; much like the events in the Jim Carrey film The Truman Show in which he was selected at birth to be the unknowing "star" of a reality show. Psychiatrists Joel and Ian Gold coined the term "Truman Show Delusion" back in 2008 and have documented 5 cases of this strange mental disorder, with several other cases making news around the world.

The most recent case involves Nicholas Marzano, a man from Illinois who is suing HBO on claims that the network is filming him without his consent using hidden cameras installed in his home and car.  Oh, and he says that pretty much the entire town is in on the show, and HBO is preventing him from getting a job and money.  Right.  But watch out, since the Golds think the rise of technology will give rise to more "Truman Show Delusions."  Read more about the individual cases at Buzzfeed.

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