Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some new info about It's Always Sunny

Read the full article (it's not that long!) at, but I'll highlight some key points:

    Glenn Howerton (left), Rob McElhenney (center) and Charlie Day dump trash in an upcoming episode of the show.
  • Mac and Dee's (Rob McElhenney and Kaitlyn Olson's) son Axel loves trash trucks, which lead to an episode idea.
  • Said episode is called "The Gang Recylces Their Trash" and it will be out later this season.
  • The episode deals with a trash strike in Philly, and the gang ends up repeating a sceme similar to the one in "The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis, though they are self-aware of this.
  • If you didn't already know, Fat Mac is no more.
  • The show will run at least through 2013, and the cast is in talks for a 10th season.
  • Only 10 new episodes for the new season.
  • This Thursday's premiere is called "Pop-Pop: The Final Solution" in which Dennis and Dee deal with their dying Nazi grandfather.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns for season 8 this Thursday at 10pm on FX, followed by the season 4 premiere of The League, which you should also watch if you haven't already.

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