Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Blink 182 EP to drop December 18th

Just in time for Christmas! In case you hadn't heard, Blink 182 is now an independent band after recently dropping their record label Interscope Records. They've wasted no time hitting the studio, recording 5 brand new songs for an EP set to release on December 5th. Says Mark Hoppus:
"We're very excited about getting these songs out before Christmas. As it stands today, the EP is set to release on December 18. We're not sure how many songs will make the final EP ... hopefully all five, but we'll make the final determination when the mixes are complete."

Hoppus also said the EP will be released on iTunes and, with pre-orders beginning soon. Of course they'll have more than just the EP available, with "a special screened, museum-quality poster, limited-edition T-shirts and sweatshirts, wrapping paper, holiday cards and whatnot" also up for purchase.

From MTV

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