Friday, November 2, 2012

Mythbusters "Breaking Bad" episode to air this Spring

Remember in July when Vince Gilligan said he'd love to do a Breaking Bad/Mythbusters crossover episode? No? Well refresh your memory by clicking the link, then continue reading.

Ready now? Ok, well Vince's wish will be a reality. This spring Discovery Channel will air a Breaking Bad themed episode of Mythbusters, with Gilligan and Aaron Paul making appearances. The Mythbusters themselves had actually personally reached out to him when they read his request. Hopefully it's the first of several, as there is plenty of material to cover.

I had joked in the previous post that they could do an experiment about dissolving a body in hydrofluoric acid, but it turns out that is indeed one of the two "myths" they will be doing on the show! The other, unknown at the time, will also be based on something from the first season of Breaking Bad.

Also, plenty of Breaking Bad articles to read here.

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