Monday, January 7, 2013

Eagles vs. Giants II: Behind the Numbers

Well, the Eagles saved their worst performance of the year for the final game. So much for saving the best for last; this was saving the worst for last. Let's see what the statistics say, in this season's (possible) final installment of Behind the Numbers:

There's no denying that this game was a blowout from the very start. The 42-7 score comes as no surprise when a team like the Giants scores touchdowns on their first 3 drives and 6 of 8 total. Surprisingly the Eagles had more plays than the Giants and only gained 80 less yards, but the Eagles couldn't move the ball too well and thus didn't gain as many yards per play and had about half the first downs the Giants did (a whopping 32 vs. 18). Third down efficiency was superb for the Giants, and under 30% for the Eagles. Turnovers were essentially a non-factor, but of course the Eagles had 1 to the Giants 0.
And holy shit, forget what I said about the defense last week; THEY SUCKED. Oh, and the offense sucked too, so much for Michael Vick returning. That is all. This season should be erased from my memory.

-This was Andy Reid's last game as an Eagle. He'll be coaching the Chiefs next year. So long, Andy!
-Still uncertain whether this was Michael Vick's last game as an Eagle. He certainly didn't play well enough to increase his demand.
-So the Eagles surprised the Giants and recovered an onside kick to start the game. Of course, the Eagles may be the only team to turn this positive into a negative, as Vick threw an interception that led to a Giants touchdown.
-Glad this season is over. Let's make some changes for next year and put this year behind us!
-Not sure if BTH will return next year yet, and I may be posting once more about the Eagle's sub sub par season in a BTH of the entire season. Stay tuned.

(Eagles at Giants PDF)

Last week vs. Redskins: L, 27-20

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