Friday, December 28, 2012

Eagles vs. Redskins II: Behind the Numbers

When you have 4 wins and 11 losses on the season, chances are you probably won't have a good division record. So far the Eagles are 1-4 in the division, with 2 losses against the Cowboys and after last week, 2 losses against the Redskins. The game managed to be fairly entertaining, and came down to the final anticlimactic play. How close was the 27-20 score? Let's find out:


 Yet another game in which the Eagles offense outgained the opposition, but yet another loss. Turnovers were AGAIN an issue, and the Birds third down conversion rate was again sub par. By comparison, the Redskins didn't have as many first downs, but were able to convert half of their third downs and thus sustained drives. Both teams were good with penalites and similar in the rushing attack. The Eagles pass game demolished the Redskins, but in the end an underthrown ball cost the Eagles a chance at OT.

Move along people, nothing to see here! I will say that RG3 played OK in his return, but definitely didn't impress. But neither did Nick Foles. Basically boiled down to the Eagles being unable to finish drives, and the Redskins capitalizing on mistakes by the Eagles D. Secondary looked good; no complaints there.

-No wonder Nick Foles' pass to Jeremy Maclin in the endzone (that should have tied the game) fell terribly short... he broke his hand!
-Michael Vick gets the start next week, and you can guarantee he's going to play his ass off. I'm gonna say he'll have a combined 5 INTs/TDs, and at least 1 turnover/broken rib.
-Time of possession loses again! Statistically irrelevant at this point.
-Was this Andy Reid's last home game as Eagles head coach? Will next week be Michael Vick's final game as an Eagle?
-Why does it seem like the defense needs 12 games to warm up? Like last year, they seem to be playing better but it shouldn't take this long.

(Redskins at Eagles PDF)

Last week vs. Bengals: L, 34-13
Next week vs. Giants: Sunday, 1pm

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