Monday, March 18, 2013

Jumanji makes NO sense

Just got done watching Jumanji on AMC, and let me tell you something. IT MAKES NO SENSE! Allow me to explain:

It is stated several times throughout the film that once the game is finished, everything will go back to normal. The game is indeed finished by the time the credits roll, but everything does NOT go back to "normal". If this were truly the case, all the animals and what not released from the game, along with the hunter, would disappear.

Yes, this happens, but why does the time travel occur? Completion of the game required the kids to play, yet technically they never actually played Jumanji. So how does the game end then? If you want to look at it from a timeline perspective, then the game was never technically played. But this must be false, because both Alan and Sarah have knowledge of all the events that took place during the events of the film, as well as the last 26 years before that that mist be relived by them both. They both know the children and how their parents may die, despite the kids having no idea who the hell they are. So basically, Jumanji has some effed up time travel laws.

To throw another kink into it, Alan and/or Sarah should have died from the hunter's bullet at the completion of the game. We clearly see the hunter's NEWLY ACQUIRED rifle being sucked into the Jumanji board, but this wasn't his original weapon and it wasn't his original ammo as that was why he "purchased" the weapon in the first place. Since the rifle and ammo were from present times and not from the game, that bullet he fired should NOT have disappeared! Now that would have really messed up the time travel in the film, and would have ruined the happy ending.

Please comment and help me understand this conundrum. And yes, I know it's just a silly movie.

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