Monday, March 25, 2013

Some jackass stole a 'Breaking Bad' script from Bryan Cranston

From Uproxx:

Lead actor Bryan Cranston reported someone broke his car window and took a shoulder bag which had his iPad and a copy of his “Breaking Bad” script on March 1, according to the criminal complaint.  
Court documents reveal one of Cranston’s employees, Taryn Feingold, was contacted by a confidential informant. That informant detailed a local bar conversation, where a man was bragging about how he broke into a vehicle at the Sandia Crest, and had an iPad and script from the “Breaking Bad” series. 
Xavier McAfee was arrested Saturday for the burglary, according to arrest records. 
The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office said the script hasn’t been recovered and the investigation is ongoing.

Hopefully the criminal just wanted the iPad and threw out the Breaking Bad script when they realized it didn't have a recipe for meth. Regardless, I hope the script doesn't get leaked and ruin anything for the show's final 8 episodes, set to air this summer. I won't be spoiling anything though, and certainly won't be posting it on here!

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