Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patty's Day 2013 LIVE: Drink by Drink

7:27pm: Ok, so I decided to do another live blog this St. Patrick's Day, since I really enjoyed it last year. This year I'll be focusing on the drinks, and we'll see if I can't top last years 21. It'll be hard with a late start this year!
The haul from the liquor store:

7:34pm: Drink #1. I have a feeling you knew this was coming.

7:38pm: Drink #2. The rest of that Guinness.

7:46pm: Drink #3. McSorley's Irish Black Lager. Definite winner.

7:57pm: Drink #4. Another McSorley's. Mmm.
8:03pm: Drink #5. Shot of Tullamore Dew, which I bought in place of Jameson this year.

8:15pm: Arrive at a friend's house before heading out for the night.
8:34pm: Drink #6. Good ol' Miller Lite.

9:30pm: Arrive at T.G.I. Friday's.
9:35pm: Drink #7. Guinness draught from Friday's. Probably a green beer coming next.

Drink #8. Black and Blue. Half Guinness and half Blue Moon.

9:57pm: The Sixers won a game?!? Holy shit!
10:00pm: JD chicken. Nice.
10:17pm: Drink #9. Just your basic Miller Lite.

10:49pm: Drink #10. Long overdue; another Miller Lite draft.

10:57pm: Drink #11. Another Miller Lite, compliments of the fiancé. Not even done the previous drink!

10:32pm: Drink #12. Friend left me his Coors Light. Drank half already. Oops!

12:18am: Drink #13. Another Guinness Draught. Bartender's choice.

12:50am: Leaving Friday's.
1:02am: Arrived at my finance's house. Drink #14. At least one more drink: shot of Tullamore.

1:31am: Drink #15. McSorley's yet again. Last drink of the night? We'll see.

5:25am: Just woke up from a "nap". Goodnight.

9:48am: I wake up to this gem.

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