Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day LIVE BLOG

10:06 AM - This is my first attempt at a live blog.  I figured St. Patrick's Day would be a good challenge.  Obviously I'll update throughout the day as my drink total climbs and my ability to function declines.  I'll be taking pictures of all the drinks, but since I'll be updating from my phone I may have to edit them in later.  Regardless, stay tuned throughout the day, it should be fun!

10:27 AM - Here's a shot of me and my girlfriend before the festivities unfold.  I'm sure this will be a good comparison later in the day.

10:35 AM - First drink of the day.  Let's call it an Irish coffee. Wanted to start earlier, but hey, I got all day.

10:56 AM - Girlfriend made me breakfast! It's delicious! Time for another drink soon, too.

12:08 PM - Irish Car Bomb time! Kinda disappointed it's afternoon already.

12:14 PM - Time for a beer to slow things down a little, I guess.  Continuing with the theme, Killian's Irish Red.

12:35 PM - Another Killian's down the hatch!

12:41 PM - Kinda wish I had a breathalyzer right now. I'd be interested...

1:25 PM - Time for a classic.  I hope I don't need to tell you what this is.  Decent pour, great taste.  And apparently this is how you're supposed to pour a can.

2:12 PM - Took a sip of water.  What?

2:29 PM - 3rd Killian's of the day, and drink #6.  I have no idea what the ABV of this beer is.

2:40 PM - Us before we go out to our first stop!

NOTE: These 3 PM posts were a little delayed due to the inability to edit my post mobily (is that a word?). However, I bought the Blog Press app for $2.99 so all is good now.

3:05 PM - Arrive at Lazy Lannigan's (formerly Dublin Square).

3:12 PM - Depart Lazy Lannigan's. Way too crowded.

3:23 PM - Arrive at T.G.I. Fridays. Easily find a seat at the bar.

3:28 PM - First green beer of the day! Unfortunately it's Coors Light but hey, it's green.

3:50 PM - Decided to get a Black and Blue. It's half Guinness and half Blue Moon. Delicious. But it does make me want a Black Magic...

4:24 PM - Interesting coaster trivia...

4:28 PM - Ordered a Guinness draft. Bartender poured it wrong then broke a glass... Not a good day for him I guess. Good head. Haha.

4:59 PM - Food and another green beer. This time Miller Lite thank God. What number is this?

5:09 PM - Retraced my steps, that was drink #11.

5:31 - Another green Miller Lite? Sure, why not?

5:43 PM - Bartender tried to do some flair and open a bottle of beer with another by slamming it on the counter. It didn't work. However, he did leave the Miller Lite that was foaming because of his attempt in front of us. So there's that!

5:53 PM - Drinking the aforementioned Miller Lite bottle.

5:56 - Texted the code to the number on the bottle. My score is 100-85, which I apparently have to match with a game in the NCAA Tournament. Yeah, I don't like my chances either.

6:31 PM - Shot of Jameson. Forgot to get a pic (oops), but here's the empty glasses if it's any consolation!

6:43 PM - Again, I'd be interested to see what that breathalyzer says. Over the legal limit. It'd be close.

6:52 PM - Just saw a commercial for Miller 64. Can someone tell me how that's different from MGD 64?

7:17 PM - Drinking some of my girlfriend's double vodka club. Holy shit that is a strong drink.

7:31 PM - Darkness falls.

7:45 PM - Ended up drinking most of my girlfriend's drink. So drink #15. Departing Fridays.

8:02 PM - Arrive at Shady's.

8:04 PM - $7 cover at Shady's. Lame.

8:26 PM - Another green beer, this time a Coors Light.

8:39 PM - Girlfriend didn't want her pint, so naturally I drank it. # 17 I believe.

8:53 PM - My cousin's boyfriend buys me a shot of Jagermeister. Can't resist.

9:00 PM - Another green Coors Light. But this time I'm charged $2 instead of 3. WTF? Not complaining.

9:15 PM - Cousin bought me a Swedish Fish shot. Yet again, couldn't resist. Drink #20? A milestone.

9:30 PM - (Time approximate) Tried to take some pictures:

9:50 PM - The band here is playing "Hey Jude" from the Beatles (shame on you if you didn't know that). But somehow it's not their closing song. Inexcusable. I feel the night may end soon.

10:15 PM - Leaving Shady's. My face has a run in with some tree branches.  Ouch.

10:17 PM - Girlfriend and I use some mini 0.05% alcohol detectors. Unfortunately they are expired so I'm not sure how accurate they are. It's safe to say we passed the test probably.

10:21 PM - It's been 12 hours already? Damn. Just arrived at my house after leaving Shady's. Let's see how the rest of the night goes.

10:39 PM - Took a swig of McGullicuddy's. Awesome. Drink #21.

11:59 PM - I think the night may be over.

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