Sunday, December 23, 2012

Eagles vs. Bengals: Behind the Numbers

Mad mad mad late on this one, but you know the drill by now. Added an additional stat that I felt really was the story of the game: Points Off Turnovers. What a discrepancy! I won't bother you with commentary on this one, as it speaks for itself. Another game, another loss.

Yeah, the score was lopsided. But that was due to the added stat of "points off turnovers" where the Bengals scored a ridiculous 27 points off of the Eagles 5 turnovers. 3 touchdowns, 2 interceptions. On the flip side, the Eagles only scored 6 field goals off 2 takeaways.  This was a close game for a while, but the ultimately turnovers were the story once again for this Eagles team.

I will say that time of possession battle probably had the largest difference of any thus far this year.  The Bengals had the ball for AN ENTIRE QUARTER longer than the Birds. Wow. But that's what happens when you only run 50 plays and turn the ball over 5 times.

All things considered, the defense played surprisingly well, accumulating 6 sacks. The pass defense was on point, though the run defense left little to be desired. The defense can't really be held accountable for all the points, as the Bengals had short fields to work with on several drives.

-Bryce Brown sucks. I'm convinced those first 2 games were flukes and not his doing.
-Still not convinced about Nick Foles
-Where'd that D-line come from?

(Bengals at Eagles PDF)

Last week at Buccaneers: W, 23-21
Next week vs. Redskins: Sunday, 1pm

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