Sunday, December 9, 2012

Eagles vs. Cowboys II: Behind the Numbers

Second game against the Cowboys this year, and second loss by the Eagles. I'm not going to discuss this one seeing as it's a week behind; it gets really old to talk about all these losses! I will say that the game was very evenly matched based on the statistics you see below. However, once again, a turnover by the Eagles led to 7 points by the Cowboys and guess what! The Eagles only lost by 5! There's your difference folks, and the story of the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles in a nutshell. On to the stats:

Apparently the defenses decided to take the game off! Look at the offensive numbers for both teams; ridiculous. A few things of note: only one 5 yard penalty by the Birds, but they also had the only turnover of the game. Bryce Brown, you suck.
-Hey, the Eagles scored over 30 points finally! Too bad they gave up 38.
-Another win for "time of possession" as an indicator for the game's winner. 9-3 on the year.
This week: at Bucanneers, Sunday 1pm

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