Wednesday, December 26, 2012

1,000th Post Extravaganza!

I can't believe I made it to 1,000 posts! On second thought, I'm not too surprised at the number, but rather how quickly I reached this milestone. I vowed to make at least 1 blog post every day since I started the B Long Blog way back on April 14, 2011; I only recently broke the streak and missed one day (11/11/12). But I have more than made up for it, as I have now posted 1,000 times over the last 623 days. That averages 1.6 posts per day... not too shabby! I'd still like to see that increase to 2 posts per day, but it's not always easy as I do have a life outside of the blog (I know, it's hard to belive). Click the link above for some stats on the timeframe.

 For more stats and facts, look no further! I'll have plenty, so let's get started.

As of now, at 9:30pm on December 26, 2012 (Boxing Day!):

Facebook "Likes" - 49 (Can I get to 50?!?! Sheesh.)
Total pageviews - 35,580
Pageviews per day - 57.11


Top posts of all-time!
  1. (3285) Where Are They Now? The Cast of Clarissa Explains It All (August 21, 2011)
  2. (1696) Patrick Bateman says... (June 28, 2011)
  3. (282) I'm glad I don't have ADD (January 2, 2012)
  4. (156) Merry Leap Day! (February 29, 2012)
  5. (125) The Awful Secret Implied by The Dark Knight Trilogy (July 16, 2012)
  6. (116) 7 Insane Easter Eggs Hidden in Movies (May 25, 2011)
  7. (114) HUGE margarita (April 21, 2011)
  8. (112) Flyers Playoff Scenarios (April 23, 2012)
I've found some discrepancies with the view counts for these posts, so a few of these may not be worthy.  Now of those top 10 posts, only 7 are originals by me and not re-posts from other sites; of those 7, I only consider 3 to be posts with some "hefty" content. The #1 spot though is a B Long Blog original, so I'm happy that it's still the far and away leader. Now, here's my own best of the B Long Blog, all originals from oldest to newest:

  1. Chad Smith Has the Best (Worst?) Drumming Face (May 7, 2011)
  2. This is what happens in college (May 10, 2011)
  3. Where Are They Now? The Cast of Clarissa Explains It All (August 21, 2011)
  4. Adam Sandler Career Timeline (November 3, 2011)
  5. Eddie Murphy Career Timeline (November 6, 2011)
  6. What if the Eagles didn't blow those 4th quarter leads? (November 20, 2011)
  7. Jim Carrey Career Timeline (November 22, 2011)
  8. Batman: Arkham City review (December 4, 2011)
  9. Tom Hanks Career Timeline (February 27, 2012)
  10. St. Patrick's Day LIVE BLOG (March 17, 2012)
  11. Thoughts on the Miller Lite Punch Top Can (May 13, 2012)
  12. One word review of Jack White's "Blunderbuss" (May 27, 2012)
  13. One word review of The Avengers (June 10, 2012)
  14. One word review of The Dark Knight Rises (July 19, 2012)
  15. Miller Lite Punch Top vs drumstick (July 25, 2012)
Now be sure to view all my "Best of B Long Blog" posts and let's see if we can't change that Top 10! I'll have an updated list for the top posts of 2012 in a few days, so stay tuned for that. Aside from the best of posts, be sure to check out my "Behind the Numbers" series, in which I analyze various stats from all of the Eagles losses games; click the "Behind the Numbers" tag that I'll include below.


1st Post! (April 14, 2011)
100th Post (May 28, 2011)
Top 10 Posts of 2011 (December 31, 2011)
10,000 Views (February 24, 2012)
500th Post (February 27, 2012)
1 Year Anniversary (April 16, 2012)
25,000 Views (August 25, 2012)

Thank you all for continuing to read the B Long Blog, and please don't hesistate to share a link of Facebook or any other website. Can I get some more Facebook likes too? Only 1 away from 50, which would be another milestone! Thanks!

And if you must know, I'm still considering a Bill Murray spinoff blog!

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