Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lady Gaga denies Weird Al

Full story at Weird Al's Blog, but the basica jist is that Lady Gaga denied Weird Al use of her song "Born This Way".  Al, and any other artist parodying a song, doesn't actually need permission by law, but he takes it upon himself to personally receive permission.  Class act. 

He was also going to donate all the proceeds of "I Perform This Way" to the Human Rights Campaign.  Another class act. 

Gaga apparently needed to hear the actual song (it wasn't yet recorded) as just putting the lyrics Al rushed to her to her own music wasn't enough.  More class acts. 

Weird Al then cut his family vacation short in order to record the entire song in order to get Gaga's approval.  Class act yet again.

So Al got approval, right?

Wrong.  Gaga denied Weird Al permission after all that.  Al started with a simple idea of a song and ended up writing and recording a full version just for Lady Gaga, but that, along with donating all the proceeds, still wasn't enough.  Weird Al Yankovic is one of the nicest guys in music; can't say the same for Lady Gaga.

Originally found at Comedy Central Insider

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