Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get drunk, not fat!

Great site that tells gives you the calorie:alcohol ratio, i.e. tells you the best way to get drunk for the lowest calories.  Keep in mind it doesn't take into account mixers with calories, so that will often skew the ratio.

The top 5 (ratio)
Maker's Mark Whisky (18.7)
Everclear (18.9)
Jose Cuervo Gold/Silver and Crown Royal Special Reserve (19.2)
Popov 100, Smirnoff 100/80 Vodkas, and Bacardi 151 (19.4)
Smirnoff 90 Vodka, Patron Anejo, Bacardi Gold, Jack Daniels, and Johnnie Walker Red Label (19.5)

The bottom 5 (minus non-alcoholic beers)
Bacardi Silver (48)
Smirnoff Ice (48.2)
Kahlua (54.6)
Bailey's (67.8)
Tilt Orange 4% (76.8)

Popular drinks
Vodka and Sugar Free Red-Bull (20.2)
Coors Light (24.3)
Miller Lite (24.9)
Bud Light (26.2)
Four Loko (28.1)
Jager (35.3)
Rum and Coke - 20% rum, 80% cola (36.6)
White Russian (42.6)

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